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Hey everyone! Here is the list for tonight!

25 Prada Sunglasses, Metal and plastic
26 Gucci Long wallet, Guccissima, Textured leather
27 Louis Vuitton Alma, Monogram, Canvas
28 Chanel Long wallet, New travel line, Nylon
29 Chanel Scarf, Silk
30 Louis Vuitton Koala compact wallet, Epi, Textured leather
31 Louis Vuitton Deauville, Monogram, Canvas
32 Louis Vuitton Multicles 6, Monogram Mini, Canvas
33 Louis Vuitton Deauville, Monogram mini, Canvas
34 Gucci Belt, GG canvas, Leather and canvas
35 Prada Handbag, Nylon
36 Chanel Shoulder bag, Enamel
37 Prada Mini backpack, Nylon
38 Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM, Monogram, Canvas
39 Louis Vuitton Triple tour bracelet, Vernis, varnished leather
40 Fendi Handbag, Zucchino, Varnished leather
41 Louis Vuitton Dee dallas, Taiga, Textured leather
42 Burberry Shoulder bag, Leather
43 Louis Vuitton Pochette homme, Monogram, Canvas
44 Gucci Key case, guccissima, Leather
45 Louis Vuitton Pegase 55, Monogram, canvas
46 Salvatore Ferragamo Shoulder bag, canvas
47 Chanel Long wallet, Varnished leather
48 Prada Shoulder bag, Nylon
49 Jimmy Choo Wallet, Star studs, Leather
50 Louis Vuitton Murray, Vernis, Varnished leather
51 Louis Vuitton Luco, Monogram, Canvas
52 Hermes Fourre tout GM, Canvas
53 Chanel Chain belt, Coco mark, Gold plated metal
54 Chanel Chain wallet, Caviar, Textured leather
55 Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM, Monogram, Canvas