Work for Us

J-Ports is a fast-growing fashion e-commerce company that aims to revolutionize the way people shop online. We are on the cutting-edge of creating a unique online shopping experience for our customers all over the world via live video streaming. We have grown exponentially over the last 2 years in our existence while offering the best in the industry work-life balance, various employee benefits and training opportunities. To find out more about us, visit About J-Ports page.

Available Positions

Sales Specialist/Sales Support


Social Media Sales Specialist or Sales Support

Job Description:
  • Appear in live video streams on various social media platforms to provide interactive, engaging shopping experience for our international customers
  • Compose descriptive and attractive product descriptions and sales posts of our merchandise (luxury items such as high fashion brand bags, accessories, watches etc)
  • Promote your online personality in connection with the J-Ports brand over social media by creating additional video, photo, text content and interacting with our customers
  • Other misc tasks such as providing customer support and performing product data entry
  • University degree (if visa sponsorship is required)
  • General understanding of social media (particularly Youtube, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Personable and outgoing personality
  • Internet- and/or computer-savviness
  • Comfortable with appearing on camera
Preferred Skills and Traits:
  • Interest and/or knowledge in fashion and brands
  • Competitive spirit and eagerness to try new things
  • Familiarity with G Suite (Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheet, Calendar etc)
  • Experience in content creation (eg. youtubing, blogging, creating/running a website, for a personal project or work)
  • Experience in community management (eg. running a Facebook page or group, or an online forum, for a personal project or work)
  • Experience or education in video editing or graphic design (for a personal project or work)
  • Experience or education in sales or digital marketing
Compensation Package:

Base salary + sales incentive (for sales specialist only)
up to 300,000 yen/month (during training/trial period – 210,000 yen/month)

  • Health insurance, pension, worker’s accident insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Up to 26 days/year paid leave
  • Up to 15,000 yen/month in commute allowance
  • Additional child care allowance available
Contract Structure:
  • Fixed-term employee for 12 months, with potential for longer subsequent terms upon renewal
  • 3-months trial period
  • No Japanese is required for this position
  • Visa sponsorship is available but applicants must already reside in Japan
  • Starting on a part-time basis is possible
  • We protect your identity and privacy. You may choose to use a pseudonym or an alternative name for your online persona. All social media-related work will be conducted through separate business accounts from your personal accounts.

How to Apply

Please fill out the following application form, along with your resume in English. If your position requires a self-introduction video, please upload the video as well. Please note that we value your privacy and your information will be deleted upon being rejected from the applied position.

For the self-introduction video, please follow the following format.

  • Make sure you look presentable. However there is no need to wear a suit. An attire that shows your personality and/or sense of fashion is encouraged.
  • A simple video shot with a webcam or a phone camera will suffice. However, good background/lighting makes a huge difference.
  • As for the topic, you can keep it general. We ask you to submit this because we want to see your personality, how comfortable you are on camera, and see if you would be a good fit for the role and the company.